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How to Unkcork and Pour Sparking Wine

Ever wonder how to properly (and safely) uncork and pour sparkling wine? In this video Nova Scotia Community College instructor, sommelier and Nova Scotia wine enthusiast, Amy Savoury, walks you through the process.

Devour Opening Gala Feature

Devour! – A Celebration of Food, Wine and Film

The culinary community in Nova Scotia is buzzing with excitement about next week’s launch of Devour! The Food Film Festival in Wolfville, NS. Devour! will be kicking off in grand style with The Five Senses Opening Gala Reception where eleven of Nova Scotia’s finest chefs come together to create a feast for the senses.

Nove Scotia Love

We love you Nova Scotia!

It is no secret that the team at Taste of Nova Scotia is passionate about all things food and drink related, but our love for Nova Scotia is truly hard to contain. One this ‘Day