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IMO Foods Ltd. is a fish cannery located in Yarmouth. We have been packing local fish for more than 40 years. We produce canned Herring, Sardines, and Mackerel, using freshly caught fish from the Bay of Fundy.

IMO Foods produces for many different brands worldwide, but it is our own KERSEN brand that is available in retailers throughout Nova Scotia. IMO Foods is proud to produce quality, locally sourced, sustainable products. Our smoked kippers are naturally smoked, with no chemicals or additives. IMO Foods products are rich in Omega-3.


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

14 Responses to IMO Foods Ltd.

  1. mike gabriel says:

    I just finished my last can of peppered kippers that I got at salt scapes in Halifax. I had them fried with eggs and toast and they are great. is there a place locally (new Germany) that I can get more? they are great. thank you for a great meal idea.

  2. Danny murray says:

    I most enjoy your smoked kippers. Best on the market. I live in hants county,n.s. Wish we got more of you’re product in this area such as smoked sardines. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, Danny Murray.

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks! Dan

  4. rc says:

    love your kippers, the best !!! I will pack a case for earthquake survival gear. cheers from the west coast.

  5. F.Tr. says:

    In Nova.Scotia “vous parlez aussi français” :
    Nous avons essayé ici à Montréal Qc, vendu chez Costco, vos “Sardine Fillets” enfin des sardines sans colonne vertébrale, de tous les vendeurs de sardine en boîte les arêtes sont toujours minimes et négligeables, mais nous retirions toujours la colonne vertébrale, maintenant avec vos sardines en filet, il n’y plus de colonne vertébrale bien plus accueillant pour des canapés à des invités, merci d’y avoir pensé, salutation !

  6. Ben McLellan says:

    Love ypur Kipper Snacks but it would be nice if the cans were filled. Often I will open a can to find it only half full and one time, I opened a can that was almost completely empty. Still, they are the best.

  7. Julie Nickerson says:

    Thank you for donating your kippers to the Pubnico Area Lions Club cooking demo. We won them. I haven’t eaten kippers in years, and they were yummy!

  8. nick says:

    Hi the heck do I get your kippers in Ontario, specifically Toronto. I got your delicious sardine fillets in Costco but you other stuff, no luck. And your sardines are fantastic.

  9. Brian Morton says:

    Am from NS originally – now in Ontario ; my brother-in-law brought brought some of your sardines from down there – and they put the Ontario available ones to shame! How can I order some more !!

  10. Dale Calder says:

    Just purchased several cans of “Sardine Fillets in Soya Oil” here in Mississauga (west of Toronto) at a Costco. Really good, and reasonably priced. To my surprise they tasted somewhat like kippers, not the typical sardines in oil or water. Anyway, essential food and much enjoyed by a native Maritimer from the Fundy region!

  11. Phil LeBlanc says:

    Are the cans used for Kersen products BPA free? All products produced at IMO Foods are packed in cans that are free from BPA coatings.

  12. Sandy says:

    Do the kippers need to be cooked or does the canning process cook them?

  13. Phil LeBlanc says:

    Kersen kipper snacks are cooked during the canning and are ready to eat right out of the can

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