Meander River Farm & Brewery


Meander River Brewery Outside

An adventure, or a wrong turn, leads you to the undiscovered area of Ashdale, Hants County, where you will stumble upon Meander River Farm & Brewery. Nestled beside the twisting river it’s named after, the Farm provides an agritourism experience like no other.

With 186 acres, the farm features a micro-brewery and retail shop, hopyards, rows of lavender, lush gardens, Hants County’s tallest waterfall, and seasonal livestock. The farm produces seasonal brews and ciders, and handmade products from farm resources. Products include reclaimed wood birdhouses and benches, lavender soaps and creams, honey, and pickled veggies.

You can find Meander River Farm & Brewery products at the farm in Ashdale, Hants County, or at the Halifax Forum Farmer’s Market year-round.

You can also find them on Facebook as Meander River Farm and on Twitter/Instagram: @meanderriver


Meander River is open year-round. Please call and visit our website or social media for more information and to find out what's on tap!

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