Thanksgiving Dinner Staples: A Local Shopping Guide

Turkey and Other Main Course Meats
Maple Blueberry Pork Roast


Whether you decide to go traditional with a turkey or you’re cooking up bacon for brunch, all your meat-related needs can be found at Meadowbrook Meat Market and The Pork Shop.

Hint: To take your turkey roasting game to the next level, we recommend infusing the meat or adding a glaze. For a juicy berry flavour, try using Haskapa’s Haskap jam and juice. For something on the sweet side, maple syrup from Acadian Maple or honey from Cornect Family Farms can easily be whipped up into a mouthwatering glaze.

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Field

Fresh Cranberries

Cranberries have to be one of the most festive fall foods, and the fresher they are, the better! Use Terra Beata cranberries this year to make the best-ever cranberry sauce – you’ll want to spread it on everything! You can even go pick your own berries during the farm’s U-pick season, extending from now until end of October.


Homemade Stuffing

Nova Scotia Savory Cranberry Stuffing

Stuffing Herb Mix

Stuffing is a favourite dish in many Thanksgiving dinners, but it can be time-consuming to make. Let Farmer John’s Herbs simplify the process for you with one of their natural stuffing mixes. You can go classic with the traditional mix, or play with flavour with their cranberry, blueberry, apple, or pecan mixes.

Mashed Potatoes

Photo of: Rosemary Potatoes Photo by Jeff Cusick


Since potatoes are the only main ingredient in this essential Thanksgiving side, they may as well be bought locally! Pick up Nova Scotia spuds at Noggins Corner Farm Market, Masstown Market, or any Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia.

Fresh Herbs

Farmer John’s Herbs carries a wide selection of fresh herb mixes, made without preservatives or MSG. They’re the perfect way to add something unique to your potatoes.

Roasted Vegetables



Local Produce

There are so many delicious seasonal veggies to roast- butternut squash, brussels sprouts, even pumpkin! Whatever your favourites are, you’ll easily find them farm-fresh at Noggins Corner Farm Market, Masstown Market, or at one of the many Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia.




Fresh Bread


Bakery Bread

Is there anything more satisfying than freshly baked bread? From rolls to croissants, let Boulangerie la Vendéenne be your go-to bakery for doughy goodness.

Homemade Bread

There are few things that appear more impressive than making your own bread. With Valley Flaxflour‘s Bread Dough Mix, you can impress guests with your very own homemade loaf!

Hint: If gluten is a no-go at your Thanksgiving gathering, grab one of Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet‘s handmade creations. Trust us, selection and flavour are definitely not sacrificed in this gluten-free bakery!

Cheese & Snack Board

Haskapa Jam and cheese


It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with cheese, especially when it’s from Fox Hill Cheese House or Knoydart Farm. For an especially festive option, Fox Hill’s Cranberry Cheddar makes a perfect addition to any holiday snack board.

Jellies, Jams & Preserves

We’re fortunate in Nova Scotia to have so many options when it comes to locally-crafted spreads, jams, jellies, and preserves! Check out the vast selections available from Haskapa, Helen B’s Preserves, PepperHead, Tangled Garden & Fireside Kitchen!



Homemade Desserts

Pies, crumbles, cakes… there are so many decadent Thanksgiving dessert options! For a fruit-based treat, Stirling Fruit Farms carries the freshest seasonal produce available. If you’re on the hunt for apples, Scotian Gold carries over 20 different varieties, one of which is sure to complement your dessert perfectly!

Pre-Made Desserts

If making dessert simply isn’t in your schedule this weekend, there are plenty of sweets available to bring home from brands like Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie, Jill’s Chocolates, Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory, Sugah!, and The Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop.

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