2019 Chowder Trail and Lobster Trail Registrations


Nova Scotia Chowder Trail and Lobster Trail participants must offer a quality experience that highlights Nova Scotia chowder or lobster. The Chowder Trail and Lobster Trail programs are open to all Taste of Nova Scotia restaurants and producer/processors, as well as independent seafood retailers, tour operators and seafood producers who meet the Required Standards and Criteria (outlined below).

All applications will be reviewed and assessed for eligibility in the program. Applicants who are not an approved Tourism Nova Scotia experience, or who are not members of Taste of Nova Scotia, may be subject to a $50 assessment fee.


By filling out the information below, you are expressing interest in being a part of the 2019 Taste of Nova Scotia Chowder Trail and/or Lobster Trail. This information will be used to contact you, and will be used in promotional materials.

Our physical address is also our mailing address.




2019 Chowder Trail ($250 +HST) - Participants must offer a made-from-scratch seafood chowder, using fresh Nova Scotia seafood.

2019 Lobster Trail ($250 +HST) - Please specify which lobster experiences you offer. You may choose one or more of the following:

Nova Scotia Lobster DinnerNova Scotia Lobster RollOther Nova Scotia Lobster menu item (please specify below)Retail:Live LobsterNova Scotia Lobster Experience (please describe below)

($375 +HST) - Companies wishing to participate in both trails are eligible for a 25% discount on their fees. Please note that this discount is also available to companies taking part in the Good Cheer Trail.

Section 2

Business Description - Please provide a brief description of your business. This will be used in Chowder Trail and Lobster Trail promotional materials. It should characterize your business/experience and what makes it unique and memorable. You should include a description of the visitor experience, what makes it special and any other necessary information. Please limit description to 100 words.

Section 3

Required Standards for Participation - Adherence to these standards is required for participation in the Nova Scotia Chowder Trail and Lobster Trail. Check boxes to confirm that your business meets the required standards. If you have any questions or concerns about the required standards, please contact us.).

Provide a Nova Scotia chowder or lobster experience for consumers (as outlined in the application) Please select all trails that are applicable:
CHOWDER TRAIL – Taste of Nova Scotia members (or approved tourism operators) who offer authentic, made-from-scratch seafood chowder using Nova Scotia seafood.

LOBSTER TRAIL – Taste of Nova Scotia members (or approved tourism operators) who offer a Nova Scotia lobster dinner, lobster roll or other lobster menu item; approved seafood retailers who sell live Nova Scotia lobster or businesses that offer a culinary experience featuring Nova Scotia lobster.

Clean toilet facilities with hand washing stations are available to customers. (Port-a-potties and portable hand-washing stations are acceptable)

Section 4

Declaration of Accuracy - Please check each box to indicate that you understand the following statements:(If your business is unique and does not meet one of more of these requirements you can still qualify for the trail, please contact us at trails@tasteofnovascotia.com and we would be happy to chat with about your application).


If you have any questions or concerns about this application, or the Good Cheer Trail, please contact Paula Washington at trails@tasteofnovascotia.com