Bonnymans’ Wild Blueberries

A photo of the logo for Bonnymans Wild Blueberries & Natural Product Ltd. The logo is on a transparent background, with the words Wild Blueberries in a black script font and everything else in a blue colour font

A photo of a box of wild blueberries from Bonnymans' Wild Blueberries. The box of berries takes up the entire frame of the photo.

From the vibrant community of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia – a village on the Sunrise Trail surrounded by ocean, forests, and farms – Angus Bonnyman runs Bonnymans’ Wild Blueberries & Natural Products Ltd.

Since 1971, Bonnymans’ family has grown wild blueberries in Northern Nova Scotia, with over 200 acres of fields in production today. These fabulous wild blueberries are grown with care, and it shows. Far from a monoculture, the wild blueberry fields are alive with native pollinators thanks to the diversity of flowers (and yes, some weeds) that grow amongst the wild blueberry plants.

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