Crystany’s Brasserie

Crystanys Brasserie

Crystany’s Brasserie opened their doors as the first family owned and 100% certified gluten-free dedicated restaurant in Canada. Come and learn the history of the area and discover the cozy atmosphere at family-friendly Crystany’s Brasserie.

Enjoy their rooftop patio, overlooking the Habitant River, beautiful fields and 19th century willow trees. Serving gourmet meals prepared with local produce, everything on the menu, including the
sauces, is made in-house. Find a local selection of wines, ciders, spirits and beer, along with organic wines, gluten free beer and gluten free cocktails. Friday nights are live music and keto night.

Crystany’s believes that eating glutenfree is no different than eating food with gluten, if it is prepared correctly. “WHO CARES WE CARE HEALTH MATTERS.” Your next great experience is waiting.


Please call or visit website for hours of operations and inquiries.

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