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Founded in 1995, as Canada’s first fair trade coffee roaster, Just Us! Coffee is a worker owned co-op roasting specialty grade, certified fair trade SPP (Small Producers Symbol), and organic coffee – ensuring integrity of supply from seed to cup.

We believe business can be a vehicle for change.  Just Us! puts people and the planet before profits™ by offering high-quality coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar to our customers, in our cafés, and Just Us! kitchen.

Stop into our Grand Pré or Wolfville café to find a fantastic local menu of seasonal salads and gourmet sandwiches made in-house with our own bread, freshly baked tartan twirls, take-home ready-to-bake meals and desserts, and of course our vegan oatcakes and southern tofu sandwiches. All of this is available to try in-house, for grab and go, or catered for your special event.

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  1. Dewy says:

    Hi there, is your coffee gluten free?

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