Kittilsen’s Honey

Photo of the logo for Kittilsen's Honey

Kittilsen’s Honey Ltd. is a first-generation farm, meaning Paul and Lori Kittilsen established it themselves. The Kittilsens are one of the few full-time beekeeping operations in the province.

Paul’s journey as a beekeeper started when he was just a teenager. At the age of 16, he began working on the farm of a family friend, Frank Woolaver. Never afraid to get stung, Paul quickly learned that he had a strong passion for the hard-working insects. Paul acquired his own hives at the age of 18 and started beekeeping fulltime in 1995. Today, Paul is in his 36th year of beekeeping.

Today, the farm is one of the largest beekeeping operations with a federally inspected honey packing facility. The colonies are located on over 50 different bee yard locations across central Nova Scotia.

Kittilsen’s Honey is sold locally, at Masstown Market, Sobeys and Foodlands in Central Nova Scotia and other Select locations throughout the province.

Kittilsen’s Honey doesn’t just sell liquid honey. Creamed honey and beeswax candles are also popular products produced on the farm.

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