Mad Gringo Hot Sauce

A photo of the logo for Mad Gringo Hot Sauce. There is a red hot chilli pepper, modelled after a skull, with the words 'Mad Gringo Hot Sauce/Sauce Piquante' underneath. The words Mad Gringo appear in a red colour and the 'O' in Gringo is shaped like a flame.

A photo of four Mad Gringo Hot Sauce products placed on a shelf on a barbeque with an open hood. From left to right, the products are Fargin Icehole Maple Chipotle barbeque sauce, Deadly Inferno hot sauce, Chipotle Standoff hot sauce and Tesla oil.After leaving his job in corporate trade and returning home from a life-changing trip to South America, Jordan realized that going back to a desk job was not in the cards for him. He had rediscovered his passion for cooking and life! Hence, came the birth of Mad Gringo Hot Sauce™.

With determination and countless hours of hard work and sleepless nights, Mad Gringo Hot Sauce™ grew to over 100 retail locations. And now, Mad Gringo Hot Sauce™ can be found at stress in Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Alberta, as well as at local events and festivals.

We are proud to produce all our products in beautiful Nova Scotia.

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