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Scanway Catering

A Halifax, NS-based catering company, Scanway has been providing exceptional culinary experiences since 1981. A family business from the beginning, Scanway has always delivered on its commitment to providing the highest quality food & beverage services with a friendly and approachable style. When the Gupta family purchased Scanway in 2017, the promise was not only to continue this tradition but also to build on it.

Scanway’s new recipe for success includes ingredients gathered over a cumulative 70 years of food and beverage experience, paired with a wellestablished brand. We are not just a food service operation; we are a provider of extraordinary culinary experiences. The new Scanway is anything but average, and we’re wowing people from all over the world. Please give us a call, send an email or drop in to see us. We’d be happy to discuss how we can wow you.


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