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Our Story

Taste of Nova Scotia is a province-wide, non-profit marketing association, whose members are committed to offering exceptional local culinary products and experiences. Launched in 1989 as a joint marketing initiative between Nova Scotia’s private and public sectors, our key mandate is to facilitate the growth of our members while promoting the unique quality of our Nova Scotia food and beverage products to consumers, both locally and around the world.

We have over 200 members who set and maintain the Taste of Nova Scotia quality standards for food, service and hospitality. They include producers, processors and an outstanding collection of restaurants. Businesses interested in joining Taste of Nova Scotia undergo an in-depth application process to ensure that they adhere to our membership criteria.

What We Do

Working closely with our members, industry partners and a board of directors, Taste of Nova Scotia is active in a number areas connected to the development of our food and drink industry.

Culinary Tourism Marketing

Glenora DistilleryNova Scotia is home to a rich culinary tradition influenced, by the land, the sea and the many cultures that have settled in our province. When combined with our talented chefs, artisans and exceptional hospitality, it is no surprise that Nova Scotia is quickly being recognized as an emerging culinary tourism destination. In cooperation with our partners at NovaScotia.com, Taste of Nova Scotia plays an important role in promoting Nova Scotia as an exciting destination for the culinary traveller.

Export Market Development

SFFS 2010Our province is home to diverse range of food producers and processors. Nova Scotia culinary products continue to be recognized locally and abroad their quality, freshness and innovation. Taste of Nova Scotia, along with our government partners, lead trade missions, participate in trade shows and incoming buyer programs in an effort to assist our members in the development of domestic and international markets.

Event Management

Saltscapes Cutting Edge CompetitionWe believe that there is no better way to experience Nova Scotia, than by sampling the flavours of the province in person. From large-scale consumer events to international business receptions, Taste of Nova Scotia is involved in the management of a wide range of event formats. We are passionate about producing unique events that feature authentic culinary experiences from around the province. Contact us to learn more about how your next event can feature a Taste of Nova Scotia.


What Motivates Us

Our membership is made up of a wide variety of passionate individuals who continually strive to be the best at what they do. These individuals include farmers, fishers, chefs, winemakers, brewers, distillers, bakers, chocolatiers and many more. It the dedication to their craft that motivates our team on a daily basis. We are tremendously proud to represent the many talented culinary professionals who choose to call Nova Scotia home.