Tangled Garden: Autumn Arabesque


September 24: You’ve probably tried apple pie, apple cider and apple pulled pork, but have you tried an apple liqueur? The fruits and herbs from Tangled Garden liqueurs are harvested from the fertile Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Tangled Garden picks their fruit at the height of ripeness. Their products are known for being fresh and top notch quality.

Autumn Arabesque

Take the chill off with a sip of Tangled Garden’s Autumn Arabesque. this crab-apple liqueur is wonderful drizzled over an apple pie a la mode.  You can also serve it chilled or mixed with sparkling water, white wine, champagne or add it to a martini for a novel touch this fall.
Cost: 200 ml bottle – $25.00
To Purchase: Tangled Garden – in store or online


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Freshly sliced, baked in a pie, sprinkled with cinnamon or paired with a piece of cheddar – September in Nova Scotia is all about apples. Join us in celebrating Apple Month! #appleaday

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