Culinary Ambassador (in memory of Gary MacDonald)

Who’s your local food hero?

Gary MacDonald was a dedicated and inspirational member of the Taste of Nova Scotia board of directors for many years. He was the general manager of the Five Fishermen – and was a catalyst for making Taste of Nova Scotia what it is today. To pay tribute to his vision and his passion, Taste of Nova Scotia created the Culinary Ambassador award in memory of Gary MacDonald.

This award recognizes an individual, group or organization who exemplifies Nova Scotia as an international culinary destination. They eat, drink, sleep and breathe Nova Scotia! They are a natural advocate and promoter of the authentic culinary products and experiences the province offers and help to put Nova Scotia on the culinary map!

Nomination Rules:


Name of Nominee

What is their role in the culinary community?

In two or three sentences, describe why this individual is deserving of this award.

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