Annapolis Fine Cheese

A photo of the logo for Annapolis Fine Cheese. There is a green tree with a ladder against it and a bushel under it. Under the image, it says Annapolis Fine Cheese.

A photo of a box of Annapolis Fine Cheese's Sea Salt cheese sitting on a cutting board. There is a glass of white wine to the left, and grapes and crackers around the box.

Annapolis Fine Cheese celebrates Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley by crafting premium, artisanal cheeses from 100 per cent Nova Scotia milk. The company was founded in 2023 for a simple reason: because the world needs more local! This is not only the company’s tag line, but a principle that guides all facets of the company.  

Led by cheesemaker Catherine Keeler, Annapolis Fine Cheese produces small batch cheeses in the French and Swiss traditions. You can find their products at retailers throughout Nova Scotia.  

Please visit their website to learn more. 

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