Bay Enterprises Limited

Bay Enterprises

“Sustainably grown and naturally delicious shellfish.” Bay Enterprises Limited, founded in 1974, is owned by the Purdy family, who began growing oysters in Malagash in 1867 and received their leases in 1899. 

The Purdy family believes in the sustainable production of oysters and quahogs using traditional and modern methods that protect the ecology of the area and provide a safe, nutritious, and delicious product. 

Our Tatamagouche Bay, Tata, and Malagash oysters are available throughout Canada, internationally, and at the store in Malagash. Visit our information center and on-site gift shop. 



Seasonal June – December Call ahead to order and arrange pickup time. Weekdays & Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Closed Sunday

4 Responses to Bay Enterprises Limited

  1. Darla Johnston says:

    Are you open today Monday August 3rd. If so what are your hours

  2. Duncan MacDonald says:

    Interested in large choice shipped to Fredericton

    Say a 1/2 peck

    what cost and details might you have

    thank you


  3. Robin Read says:

    Are you open all year round

  4. Charles Purdy says:

    Open all year expect may run out of oysters end February and usually have lots by end of April

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