D’Eon Oyster Company

DEon Oyster Company, a family owned and operated business for more than 25 years, offers two unique brands of oysters.

The Eel Lake Oyster is nurtured by the brackish, tidal waters of Eel Lake, a sheltered environment boasting a slightly lower salinity than the ocean. The Salt Bay Oyster calls the same tides that fill up the world-famous Bay of Fundy home. Our oysters are available throughout Canada and the United States. Try some of these tasty bivalves and surprise your family and friends with some of Nova Scotia’s finest! You’ll be shucking glad you did!

Oysters available with free shipping throughout the Atlantic Provinces via our online store. If planning to stop by facility, call ahead to ensure contactless pick up.

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  1. jane durnford says:

    would like to know when you hours of operation are and if you are open on Sundays ?

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