Still Fired Distilleries

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We are an artisan craft distillery located in Annapolis Royal. We create premium small batch spirits from the first “legal” stills built and assembled in Nova Scotia.

We have our hands in every aspect of production, from fermentation to filtration, giving a whole new meaning to “hand crafted”. Our products include award-winning Granny’s Apple Pie Moonshine, Night Owl Coffee Moonshine, Root Beer Moonshine, Premium Vodka, Vanilla Bean Vodka, Thai Chili Vodka, Diver’s Envy Spiced Molasses Moonshine, Rapture of the Deep Dark Molasses Moonshine, Three Sheets to the Wind Molasses Moonshine and our Bay of Fundy dulse infused Fundy Gin.

Our full line of products can be purchased at the distillery, across the road at the Lequille Country Store. Select products can also be found at Liquid Assets, Bishop’s Cellar and select farmers’ markets around Nova Scotia.


Open Tuesday - Sunday. Please call or visit website for hours of operation.

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