Steinhart Gin & Tonic with Haskap

Bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts alike are not the only ones falling in love with Steinhart Distillery Gin. This year Steinhart took home the prize for Best Canadian Gin at the 2019 World Gin Awards. There is no better way to celebrate local success then raising a glass with this easy to make and refreshing cocktail!


1 1/2 oz Steinhart Gin
3/4 oz tonic water
1/2 oz Steinhart Cassis Haskap Liqueur
1 lime wedge
lime zest


Makes: 1 serving

  1. Fill a collins glass with ice, add gin, tonic water and liqueur to glass, then stir.
  2. Squeeze the lime wedge into the glass and drop it in. Twist the lime zesst over the glass, to express the oils, then add to the glass.
  3. Serve immediately.

Local Source Guide:

Gin & Cassis Haskap Liqueur: Steinhart Distillery, either in store or online.

Recipe provided by: Steinhart Distillery 
This recipe is featured in our 2019 Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Guide

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