Father’s Day, with a local flair

Happy Father’s Day, Nova Scotia!

A photo of people dining at Panorama dining room at Cabot Links

There’s no better time than Father’s Day to let your dad know just how much he means to you. Unfortunately, trying to think of a special way to show your appreciation isn’t always a simple task. In a bind over what to get him? Relax- we’ve got you covered! Find out which category best suits your dad and check out our amazing local gift ideas.

The caddy dad

Photo of Cabot Links Golf Course

His favourite thing: Nothing invigorates this father quite like an early morning tee-off. Fore!
His gift: Treat him to a round of golf at the stunning Cabot Links. After he wins, treat him to a hearty breakfast in their dining room, Panorama.

The chef

A photo of the Chowder Trail Cookbook

His favourite thing: The chef dad is at his happiest in the kitchen, creating a new culinary experience for his family.
His gift: You know he’ll be thrilled when you give him a copy of The Chowder Trail Cookbook. He’ll learn the secrets behind our chefs’ famous chowders, and be able to create his own take on the recipes! Added bonus: Tuck one of our Chowder Trail passports inside and offer to take him to lunch.

The aFISHinado

Photo of: Coconut Cury Mussle's sent in by Frances MacKinnon

His favourite thing: Lobster, mussels, scallops… If it comes from the ocean, this dad craves it!
His gift: Treat him to a delicious dinner filled with local seafood! Find a recipe and stock up on the necessary seafood from Clearwater Seafoods Ltd. or Arichat Seafood Market.

The spirited father

Photo of Ironworks Rum

His favourite thing: Rum, beer, vodka – There’s no doubt about it, this father enjoys the finer things in life.
His gift: The ultimate idea of relaxation for him would be to kick back and relax, with his favourite drink in hand. Give him a bottle of rum from Ironworks Distillery or a growler from Paddy’s Brewpub & Rosie’s Restaurant and tell him to relax- you’ll cover the housework (at least on Father’s Day!).

The sweet-tooth dad

Photo of Rhubarb Chocolates

His favourite thing: Whether he tries to hide his sweet tooth or fully embraces it, this father loves anything that makes his day just a little bit sweeter.
His gift: Swing by Sugah!, Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory or Rhubarb at the Oceanstone Resort to grab some treats that will have his sweet tooth singing. The only dilemma: Will it be a Brew Bar, Glen Breton Whisky Cake or Sea Salt Caramels?

The explorer

Photo of: Good Cheer Trail - Luckett Vineyards

His favourite thing: This father prefers the path less travelled. He’s always in search of new places to discover, and loves learning.
His gift: We’ve got no doubt that Dad would love to discover our Good Cheer Trail! Pair a passport from either of the trails alongside a bottle of rum, wine or a growler from any of our participants, and commit to a weekend of adventure of his choosing!

Still not sure? Many of our members have created special menus in Dad’s honour. Treat him to a feast fit for a king by taking him to brunch at Fleur de Sel or Seasons by Atlantica.

Fleur de Sel

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