Acadian Maple Products

A photo of Acadian maple syrup and heart-shaped pancakes

How sweet it is, naturally!

Enveloped in the sweet, and distinctive, essence of pure maple syrup, welcome to Acadian Maple. As proud partners with maple harvesters here in Nova Scotia, we invite you to savour 100 per cent pure maple syrup. Enjoy it over pancakes or in your coffee. Spread our maple butter or Nova Scotia blueberry jam on biscuits. Snack on maple peanut brittle or try our maple gelato!

Savour Maple Coffee or our maple infused handcrafted spirits like Sea Fever™ Coffee Maple Rum and Fortress™ Rum made at our Authentic Seacoast Distillery in Guysborough.

Drop by our Shop on Peggy’s Cove Road, where our products are made, and take some home. Visit our Tasting Bar or attend a Tasting Experience.

Open year-round, group tours and experiences available.

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Please call or visit website for hours of operation.

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