Chill Street Craft Beverage Co.

A photo of the Chill Street logo. It shows the words "Chill Street" in a black font on a white street sign. The background around the sign is white.

A photo of 8 different cans of Chill Street craft cider products. From left to right: A can of Wild Thing (Blueberry Sangria), Hot Blooded (Blood Orange), Sweet Temptation (Honey Mango), Skinny Dippin' (Apple Cider), Afternoon Delight (Peach Reisling), Berry Naughty (Strawberry Lime), Heat of the Moment (Ginger Habanero), Nuts Over You (Almond)

Chill Street is a beverage company based in Halifax that focuses on using locally sourced ingredients as
much as possible. Our specialty lies in crafting non-alcoholic mocktails and specialty sodas.

We are known for our ready-to-drink mocktails, which include flavours like Vodka Soda & Lime and Rum & Cola. You can find them in a variety of different flavours at your local grocery or specialty shop. Our craft sodas are a throwback to your childhood, featuring nostalgic flavours such as Cream Soda, Blueberry, and traditional Root Beer. We offer over seven delicious flavours that will take you back in time. So, go ahead; pick up your favourite Chill Street beverage and take a moment to unwind and remember what’s important in life – chill out! Thank you for supporting local!

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