Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited

Logo for Comeau Sea Foods Ltd. Their logo shows their name in a blue font, with letters tilting slightly to the right.


Since 1946, Comeau’s Sea Foods has been a mainstay in the Canadian seafood industry. We are proud of our record as leaders in the harvesting, processing, and global distribution of fish and seafood products. Today, a variety of business activities serve loyal retail, food service, and industrial customers in the areas of harvesting, processing, bottling, and distribution of quality seafood products.

Fresh goods include scallops, herring, herring meal, and oil. Comeau’s also processes a full line of quality frozen herring fillets and scallops. Our value-added product lines include smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, bacon-wrapped scallops, seafood spreads, breaded scallops, fish cakes, and more.

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