Harvest and Wild

A photo of the logo for Harvest and Wild. The logo is circular, with a green tree in the middle. Rounded text along the top of the logo says Harvest and Wild, while rounded text at the bottom says Nova Scotia

A photo of three jars, which contain three of Harvest and Wild's products. From left to right, there is their Carmelized Red Onion chutney, their Apple Ale chutney, and Tomato chutney.

At Harvest and Wild, our goal is to celebrate fresh local produce and traditional small batch cooking methods, by creating products with delicious and exciting flavor profiles.

We make artisan chutneys, condiments, and spreads, designed to elevate your dishes and be the perfect partner for good quality meats, cheeses, fish and produce.

We value community and the connection we have with where our food comes from, and that good food is meant to be shared.

Look for our products online and at leading independent retailers around Nova Scotia.

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