Sable Shortbread Company

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Local, delectable shortbread.

So. Many. Flavours.

We make amazing gourmet shortbread cookies, by hand, from scratch, in small batches, the artisanal way. We source the finest local, organic, fair trade, all natural ingredients. And, we never add any artificial colours or flavours to our cookies.  Each of our cookies is a unique taste experience.  From the classic to the contemporary, our flavours like Meyer Lemon, Margarita and Tiramisu will delight your taste buds. Try one. Try two. Try them all!  There are always lots of fun flavours available at our bakery in Kentville.  Stop in for a cookie and stay a while to browse our selection of gourmet candy and baking ingredients and enjoy a beverage, too!

Sable Shortbread. Share the Joy.



Please call or visit website for hours of operation.

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