PRESS RELEASE: Bramble Hill Farm and Nourish Nova Scotia partner on school fundraiser

Nourish Nova Scotia and Bramble Hill Farm partner to expand Nourish Your Roots 2.0: Micro Garden.

A win-win-win for school, community & farm.

Greenhill, Nova ScotiaBramble Hill Farm Inc. (BHF) is excited to announce a partnership with Nourish Nova Scotia (NNS), a registered charity dedicated to promoting healthy nourishment for children and youth, to launch Nourish Your Roots 2.0: Micro Garden Fundraiser.

The Micro Garden School Fundraiser aims to help schools raise funds for their healthy food programs while promoting food literacy. Bramble Hill Farm, a Nova Scotia greenhouse well-known for its year-round production of nutrient-dense microgreen salad mixes, brings its expertise to this

Cathy Munro, Founder and Farmer at Bramble Hill Farm, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Nourish Nova Scotia on this initiative. Our values align perfectly with theirs, and together, we can make a significant impact on promoting healthy eating among school children and families.” Nourish Your Roots – Nourish’s farm-to-school fundraiser – has always built farm-to-school connections, financially supporting school healthy eating programs while generating revenue for local farms. Until now, the fundraiser has supported the sale of boxes of produce. The Micro-Greens Kit reduces transportation costs and introduces an activity that promotes food literacy.

“We are delighted to partner with Bramble Hill Farm with an accessible, fun and healthy school fundraiser,” said Lisa Roberts, Executive Director of Nourish Nova Scotia. “The proceeds raised by each school will support breakfast, snack, lunch or school community garden programs.” An additional direct and immediate positive impact of this partnership was the need for BHF to expand its production capacity. This has developed into a co-packing partnership with Summer Street Industries (SSI). SSI in New Glasgow, N.S. creates and facilities opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. This partnership will allow BHF to scale Micro Garden and create local employment opportunities with SSI.

Micro Garden is a unique DIY kit featuring functional packaging (reducing the need for additional plastic use) and includes everything to grow your own microgreens on a window sill or table top. Its ease of use, inclusive materials and intuitive design, reduce the barriers often felt by first-time growers. This product is still new to the market but with the assistance of retail partners such as Sobeys, BHF is expanding its availability for consumers.

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For more information about the Nourish Your Roots 2.0: Micro Garden Fundraiser please reach out to our contacts below.

Cathy Munro
Founding Farmer, Bramble Hill Farm Inc.
Greenhill, NS.

Benjamin Elliott
Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Nourish Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS.

About Bramble Hill Farm:
Bramble Hill Farm is a Nova Scotia commercial greenhouse specializing in the production of nutrient-dense microgreen salad mixes. Recognized for its business growth and innovation, Bramble Hill Farm is committed to empowering nutritious meals and inspiring healthy habits within communities.

About Nourish Nova Scotia:
Nourish Nova Scotia is a registered charity that works in partnership with schools and communities to promote the healthy nourishment of children and youth. Through initiatives like Nourish Your Roots, Nourish Nova Scotia aims to support schools and non-profit childcare centers in funding their healthy eating programs and initiatives.

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