PRESS RELEASE: Compass Distillers Spring GiNS

Compass Distillers New Bitter Gin

July 1, 2018

(Halifax, Nova Scotia) – Compass Distillers is celebrating the release of Spring GiNS – Gathered in Nova Scotia, the first gin made entirely of Nova Scotian ingredients including wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and botanicals gathered and grown throughout the province. Infused with juniper, cranberries, keep, spruce tips, cucumber, elderflower, and chokecherry blossoms among many other herbs and botanicals, Spring GiNS captures a distinctly Nova Scotian flavour. This limited edition gin will be available for purchase July 1st at Compass Distillers located at 2533 Agricola Street in Halifax.

“This gin has been a goal of ours from day one, and we are proud to be able to offer the first completely Nova Scotian gin ever made,” says Compass Distillers Presidents, Graham Collins. “Spring GiNS combines the best foraged and farmed botanicals of Nova Scotia, and the results are amazing.”

Spring GiNS is the first offering of Compass Distillers’ seasonal gin collection. The company plans to release limited edition summer, autumn, and winter GiNS containing herbs and botanicals available during each corresponding season.

Compass Distillers is also celebrating the release of the first cocktail bitters distilled in Nova Scotia. Bitters by Compass Distillers come in two distinct flavours – Aromatic Orange and Grapefruit & Hops. Bitters by Compass Distillers are made by infusing handcrafted small bath alcohol made from Nova Scotian wheat with a variety of aromatic spices and roots. This product will also be available July 1st. (Bitters is the name given to a class of alcohol-based flavouring agents most often used in cocktail recipes.)

In just 11 months of operation, Compass Distillers has been awarded 13 medals including Double Cold at the Denver International Spirits Competition (Gin Wild), Gold at the New York International Spirits Competition (Gin Wild), Gold at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition (Gin), and Gold at the Denver International Spirits Competition (Aquavit). They were also awarded Nova Scotia Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition.

Compass Distillers is a grain to glass distillery and captures the Nova Scotian experience in a bottle by harvesting local grain and unique wild plants to make award-winning, handcrafted spirits. Compass Distillers began production in July of 2017, and distills Rhumb, Spiced Rhumb, Vodka, Gin, Gin Wild, Barrel-Aged Gin, Aquavit, Moonshine, and Wintergreen Schnapps.


For more information contact:
Renae Perry at or call (902)446-0467.

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