Taste Recipe Round-Up: Spring Edition

The Biscuit Eater - spring Salad with flowers

Spring has arrived! Though it’s still a little chilly, we’re pretty excited that it’s getting warmer by the week, and there’s finally no more snow. To celebrate, we’ve picked our top 5 spring recipes for you to enjoy. We have fresh salads, spring drinks, delicious desserts, and more. Get ready to enjoy the spring season with these great recipes.

5. Kale Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries

Kale Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries

Spring means fresh greens! There’s tons of local produce available at Farmers’ Markets and shops this time of year. This salad features local kale (try GoodLeaf Farm greens), and tasty dried cranberries from Terra Beata. One bite will surely get you into the spring mood.


4. Nova 7 Cocktail

Nova 7 Cocktail

This fantastic cocktail features Nova 7, an all-time favourite Nova Scotia wine by Benjamin Bridge. It’s sweet, bubbly, and beautifully pink. The bright citrus and floral flavours are like sipping a lovely spring day. It’s perfect to drink outside while you’re enjoying the nicer weather.


3. Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Nova Scotia Honey

Buttermilk chicken with Nova Scotia Honey

Fried chicken’s perfect to enjoy when the weather rocks. It’s also awesome for when the weather is not so great. Fried chicken’s just great all the time, actually. This recipe from Morris East features comforting flavours that’ll get you through whatever Mother Nature throws your way. A touch of local honey and chili flakes will warm you up on those rainier days.


2. Nova Scotia Haddock Francese

Argyler Lodge Haddock Francese

Fresh, Mediterranean flavours make this haddock dish shine like the sun. Chef Jonathan Joseph from The Argyler Lodge and Restaurant uses white wine, local spinach and sliced lemon to create this perfect spring meal. Make it at home and treat yourself, or serve it at your next dinner party to astonish your guests.


1. Honey and Rose Panna Cotta

Photo of: Honey & Rose Panna Cotta

This Honey and Rose Panna Cotta is cheery, sweet, and dripping with spring vibes (and Cornect Family Farm honey). Rose hip powder gives this dessert a delightful floral aroma that’s sure to remind you of May flowers. It’s even light enough to enjoy for breakfast!


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