Unique & Local Hot Chocolates

One of the timeless joys of the winter season is warming up after spending time in the snow (playing or shoveling) with a sweet cup of hot chocolate. This year, take your hot chocolate game to the next level with these unique, flavourful and local hot chocolates. Make them yourself or order them next time you’re at one of these Taste of Nova Scotia locations.

Spicy Hot Chocolate

Add a little heat to your next batch of hot chocolate with the Sugah! Aztec hot chocolate mix. Made with their dark chocolate blend and cayenne pepper.

Malted Hot Chocolate

Warm up this winter with a steaming cup of hot chocolate with added malt flavouring. This hot chocolate mix is available at Just Us! Coffee Roasters. Also, try their spicy Mexican flavour, or peppermint flavours of hot chocolate.

Maple Hot Chocolate

At Sugar Moon Farm while you’re tasting their incredible brunch menu, order a side of their maple hot chocolate. The unique hot chocolate flavour even comes with pure maple whipped cream on top!

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

If you love rich and classic flavoured hot chocolate, opt for Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie hot chocolate mix. They hand-make every batch to order. Pro tip: make your hot chocolate with milk as a base for extra creaminess!

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Photo of: Sugah! Hot Chocolate

For a delicious and easy-to-make homemade hot chocolate follow this recipe provided by Sugah! Featuring cocoa powder, icing sugar, milk powder and finely ground chocolate – yum!

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