Restaurant Membership

Restaurant Membership Criteria

Taste of Nova Scotia is a unique, province wide marketing program whose members are committed to providing exceptional Nova Scotia culinary products and experiences. All restaurant applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the following membership criteria.

Application Process

The Taste of Nova Scotia application process involves completing the online application form and agreeing to the Taste of Nova Scotia membership criteria.

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Determining Qualification

All applicants will be visited by a Taste of Nova Scotia representative to evaluate the experience and to determine if the information provided qualifies applicants for membership. The Taste of Nova Scotia membership committee will review the application and evaluation findings. The committee will then make its recommendation to the Taste of Nova Scotia Board of Directors during a scheduled board meeting. The Taste of Nova Scotia Board of Directors will then vote on final approval for membership.

Restaurant Member Fee Structure

Restaurant membership fees are determined by whether a restaurant has year-round or seasonal operations, as well as how many seats they have. The fees are as follows:

Year-Round Operations

Seasonal Operations