What our members are saying.

Taste of Nova Scotia is one of the most active and energetic supporters of restaurants and food producers in Nova Scotia. Working with their entire staff on events and initiatives in our province has been rewarding not only for me personally, but for my business. Classy, upscale marketing of your brand is the practical return for your membership. But for me it is much more than that. It is being a part of a community of passionate hard-working people, building long-lasting business alliances, and establishing great friendships. That makes my work in the food service industry extremely rewarding.

Craig Flinn, Chives Canadian Bistro

DEon Oyster Company highly values the relationship we have with Taste of Nova Scotia. As a small business, partnering with them has been invaluable in helping us to develop, enhance and promote our product. This relationship has allowed our business to establish new standards of excellence and opened doors to new opportunities and great relationships with individuals and organizations that we would not have encountered otherwise.

Nolan D’Eon, DEon Oyster Company

We love being part of Taste of Nova Scotia. Our favourite parts of being a member include the visits from food and travel writers they send our way, all the way down the south shore here in Shelburne, and the invitations to showcase our culinary offerings at special events they are organizing. And we’ve just had a look at our Google Analytics and we now know that lots of people come to our website directly referred from the Taste of Nova Scotia’s site. We don’t join many organizations, but being a member of Taste of Nova Scotia has proved worthwhile for us, year after year.

Roland & Kathleen Glauser, Charlotte Lane Café & Gift Shop