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In the past few years, ciders have given just about every other drink a run for their money. Hard cider  (AKA bubbly, delicious apple juice for adults) can be sweet, dry, strong or easy-drinking. It’s the perfect combination of the light, easy drinking feel of beer and the sophistication of a classy wine.

If you’re wondering “Hmmm, what ciders can I get in Nova Scotia?” look no further. This is your Nova Scotia Cider Guide-r.

The Ciders of Nova Scotia #GoodCheerTrail

Meander River’s – Shack Wacky Apple Cider

Shack Wacky

In this fresh cider, Meander River uses pure juice from 100% Annapolis Valley apples. From season to season there are always interesting variations, but the goal is to offer a dry, crisp, carbonated cider that has you stocking up your fridge year-round. It can be paired with anything, but try it with fruit and cheese.

Muwin Estates’ Bulwark Cider

Bulwark Cider

With natural ingredients, exceptional taste, and outstanding craftsmanship, Bulwark boasts bold flavours and fun styles. Their cider begins and ends with the apple. Bulwark uses quality fruits from the Annapolis Valley, juiced on site and slowly fermented. This makes a natural authentic cider. Try all of Bulwark’s four signature drinks: original, hopped, gold or blush. You’ll be guaranteed to reach for cider number two.

Annapolis Cider Company

Photo of: Annapolis Cider Company

Juicy & Sweet, Crisp & Dry or seasonal rotations (like Rhubarb Ginger or Garden Strawberry) – The Annapolis Cider Company is all about local. They get their apples from nearby orchards, have them pressed into juice just down the road, and ferment the juice into cider right on Main street in Wolfville, in the heart of Annapolis Valley. Visitors to the cidery can view the cider-making process by peering directly into the cellar while enjoying a selection of ciders at the tasting bar.

Noggins Corner Cider

Noggins Cider

The refreshing Noggins Corner ciders are handcrafted in small batches from the fresh pressed juice of specially selected Annapolis Valley apples. The juice is fermented and blended with care. Like magic, the beautiful Nova Scotian apples turn into an exquisite cider. Whether it’s sparkling, still, dry, or sweet, there’s a Noggins Cider for just about every taste and occasion. With flavours like Raspberry Bramble, Honey Crisp and Brilliant Pear, you can’t go wrong. Have a bottle by itself, paired with a delicious meal or bring it as a hostess gift for any social occasion.

L’Acadie Vineyards – Organic Cider

lacadie 3

A delicious cider from L’Acadie Vineyards, that complements anything from a wedding celebration to a Friday evening barbecue. This traditional organic cider is just what your summer needs. Made from certified organic apples from the Annapolis Valley, you’ll want to pop the cork, fill a glass and relax ocean-side or by a warm bonfire.

Grand Pré – Pomme d’Or Ice Cider


Want to try something exciting? Grand Pré has just what you’re looking for. This golden, burnt amber cepage is crafted using both old and new apple varieties from the Annapolis Valley. With flavours of baked apple, apricot and caramel, this cider can be a dessert, a social drink or a gift for any occasion.

Hey, if you’re into apples you may also want to try the Grand Pré Pomme D’or Apple Cream Liqueur. Add the sweet aromas of caramel and apple to a silky, light vanilla cream and you get a liqueur that was created to treat your taste buds. Serve over ice, on its own, use it to cook or as an addition to any dessert.

So, get with the times. Cider is officially cool. Don’t be the only one at your next party without a cool, refreshing Nova Scotia cider in your hand.

Cider is a new addition this year to the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail – Canada’s first winery craft brewery, distillery and cidery trail.

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