Galloping Cows: Apple Butter


September 26 : There are lots of ways to experience the taste of fresh local apples this month. Galloping Cows Fine Foods is a family-owned business produces all natural spreads,  jams, fruit sauces, concentrated beverages, chutneys, salsas and gift sets. They purchase and use local fruit and field grown vegetables for the production of their products. While they have many delicious spreads and jams, this month, two rise above the rest this month, their Cortland and Gravenstein Apple Butters.

Apple Butter: Cortland and Gravenstein

The apple butters are all natural, fat free and made using local apples. The  Cortland apple butter  is , “a hint of marmalade” with its spice of nutmeg and orange. If you are looking for something on the sweet side the Gravenstein apple butter is just like “apple pie in a jar”.  This apple butter is perfect for your morning toast, as a spread of extra flavor on a muffin or for baking in with a favourite dessert recipe!
Cost: 120 ml bottle – $7.00
To Purchase: Galloping Cows – online or in-store


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Freshly sliced, baked in a pie, sprinkled with cinnamon or paired with a piece of cheddar – September in Nova Scotia is all about apples. Join us in celebrating Apple Month! #appleaday

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