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The Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia is known for many things; cottage country, sandy beaches, delicious seafood… but did you know it’s also home to some fine chocolate? It’s true – meet Chapel Cove Chocolate!

Owned by Allan and Jan Keefe, Chapel Cove Chocolate is a small chocolaterie located in Little Harbour, just outside of New Glasgow. Their story spans many years, starting with the original chocolate shop they owned in British Columbia. After deciding to move home to Nova Scotia in 2013, they purchased land in picturesque Chapel Cove (where Jan lived as a child) and decided to re-launch their chocolate business here. They strive to produce quality chocolate while focusing efforts on empowering cocoa farmers.

Just before moving, Allan had decided to keep a chocolate machine so that he could still keep his passion as a hobby, even in his new home. Not long after the move, he decided to make some homemade Easter Bunnies, which he then sold to the local store. These chocolate bunnies proved to be a hit, as the store quickly sold out of them. This success inspired Allan to reach out to the New Glasgow’s Farmer’s Market to get a table to sell chocolate. His chocolate resonated with visitors to the Farmer’s Market and inspired Allan to aim even higher with his chocolate plans. He admits it was a slow build to get to where they are today, but their hard work paid off as Chapel Cove Chocolate is now a well known and recognized Nova Scotia chocolate maker.

Photo credit: Chapel Cove Chocolate

One thing that makes Allan and Jan proud is being a partner in an initiative called the Cultivate Better Cocoa project. “Most cacao farmers live in near poverty in West Africa, earning less than $3 per day,” says Allan. Inspired by relationships cultivated with these farmers and suppliers, this project focuses on helping local growers in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Peru. They strive to create programs that empower farmers to make more money, improve living conditions, and inspire environmental preservation. It means a lot to Chapel Cove Chocolate to be a part of these efforts, so they will continue to work to create better conditions for those who supply cocoa to them and ultimately, their Nova Scotian customers.

Allan and Jan are extremely proud of the business and products they’ve developed with Chapel Cove Chocolate. One part of their business that they love is hearing is reviews on their products. Allan noted that one of his favorite reviews was in regard to their Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips, when a reviewer said, “it shouldn’t work, but it does!” Their customers often tell them that their chocolate is some of the best they’ve ever tasted, which means a lot to Allan and Jan as they always encourage their customers to share their product thoughts. Allan says his favorite product is their Candy Cane Bark, which features natural peppermint oil, organic crushed candy cane, real white chocolate, and is backed with their semi-sweet dark chocolate. It’s perfect for Christmas, but tastes great anytime of the year!

Supporting their community is of the utmost importance to Chapel Cove Chocolate, and they appreciate the support they receive in turn. “One of the best ways to support your community is to support its local businesses,” says Allan. “Small businesses comprise 60% of all businesses in Nova Scotia, so buying local is critical for keeping the economy vibrant. The multiplier effect of buying local goes around the community numerous times.” He also points out that small local businesses often sponsor local sports like junior hockey and baseball, and hire within the community, often serving as a first job for local youths. To Allan and Jan, supporting local businesses is so important as its a way to support those who live in your own community.

Photo credit: Chapel Cove Chocolate

This month, Allan is busy focusing on a holiday many chocolate lovers are well acquainted with – Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect season for chocolate and they have tons of Valentine’s Day products available both on their online shop and in person at their chocolate shop in Little Harbour. After that, they’ll shift their focus on their next big season – Easter! Not only does Easter hold a special place in their hearts as the time when Chapel Cove Chocolate started, but 10 years ago, they revived an old favourite tradition: creating big chocolate Easter eggs that are personalized with childrens’ names on them (pictured above). Each year, Allan and Jan hear rave reviews on these eggs, with many saying that it made their Easter very special.

When asked what the future holds for Chapel Cove Chocolate, Allan says they’ll continue to creates high quality chocolate for Nova Scotians to enjoy and savour for years to come. They’re proud to offer outstanding products that bring a smile to peoples faces, as well as to support their cacao farmers who are backed by the Cultivate Better Cocoa project. Their commitment to supporting and inspiring happiness within their community is something to be admired, and we’re proud to have them as Taste of Nova Scotia members!

Photo credit: Chapel Cove Chocolate

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