Member Profile: Ironworks Distillery

Your tastebuds are in for a treat when you stop by Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg. Distilling by hand in small batches, Pierre and Lynne only use natural ingredients, as fresh and as local as possible, in their vodka and liqueurs. The tasting room is built in the old marine blacksmith’s shop – providing great views and a beautiful atmosphere for sampling.

Each batch is unique. They are constantly experimenting with different varieties and combinations of fruit and other ingredients, hoping to discover new taste possibilities. For instance, currently Pierre and Lynne are working on a bottle-grown pear Eau de Vie. In the spring, bottles were attached to organic pear tree branches. Several survived and were harvested before hurricane Igor struck last month. Brandy using the popular Honey Crisp apple,  Arctic kiwi liqueur and Nova Scotian fir bud liqueur may be in their future as well.

Ironworks is a new local business, but it is clear from their amazing product, creative branding and ingenuity that we will be enjoying their products for years to come.


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