Member Profile: Uprooted Market & Cafe

Meet Emma Murphy, the owner of Uprooted Market & Cafe. She has been supplying fresh local produce to the Eastern Shore regions for years, and is passionate about increasing the accessibility of local food within her community, while promoting sustainability. Emma’s love for the Eastern Shore shines through as she and her team work hard to put local food onto the plates of Nova Scotians.

Emma says one of the main goals of Uprooted is to increase accessibility to local, fresh food in within the Eastern Shore. She grew up in Nova Scotia and always had a deep appreciation for the land she grew up in. From the fresh vegetables Nova Scotia can provide, to all the customs and traditions that go along with living on the Eastern Shore, Emma is dedicated to providing her community with some of the best local produce the area can provide. Along with fresh produce, Uprooted also provides delicious local coffee, cheese, and a full menu of soups, sandwiches, and salads; something she says is just another way to help give back to the community she loves.

Emma feels it’s important to acknowledge the importance of local business; after all, it’s where the kindness of Nova Scotians truly shines. It’s where you can buy essential items like food and clothing knowing that the money is being pumped right back into the community – right back into the hands of those who contribute to the livelihood and vibrancy of where you live. She says she doesn’t want anyone to underestimate the economic power of choosing a local product instead of a non-local product.

The Eastern Shore has a strong connection with Uprooted Market & Cafe. Emma loves all the feedback she receives from those who visit her market and café. She says one of her favourite reviews said, “If you don’t have it, we don’t need it,” while someone else called Uprooted “The heart of the shore”. Both sentiments demonstrate the love between Uprooted and their customers.

The Eastern Shore isn’t known as a major tourist destination, but Emma believes it should be as there’ s so much untapped potential within the Eastern Shore that has yet to been utilized. The views are gorgeous, the land still has a sense of true wildness to it, and the attractions can be jaw-dropping. Stop in at any of the many different culinary locations, run along the sandy shores of Conrad’s Beach, or overlook a beautiful view of Lake Charlotte from the many trails. Despite a lack of tourist-talk about Eastern Shore, it certainly has its hidden gems that are worth visiting.

Emma has been helping the Eastern Shore get their hands on fresh produce for years, and her efforts shine in Uprooted‘s focus on being a community hub that increases accessibility to fresh local food for the locals. While her primary focus is Uprooted, Emma would also like to see the Eastern Shore become a premier tourist destination for those looking for beautiful views, hiking trails, and significant locations in Nova Scotia’s history.

Congratulations to Emma and her team for all their hard work and contributions to local Nova Scotian food!

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