Country Magic

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The Annapolis Valley has been our home for generations, with years of farming experience; we have learned what varieties to plant in our unique growing region. Every variety has its own characteristics that can be influenced by many factors including climate and soil conditions.

Our primary crops include highbush blueberries (fresh market, processing and u-pick), onions, potatoes, strawberries, blackberries, and grape tomatoes. The warm days and cool nights ensure that our products deliver intense flavour profiles—from the sweetest and most succulent berries to the hardiest and most wholesome of vegetables.

Our quality control and research programs explore new crops, new products and improved processes as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, quality, and safe food choices for our customers. We are dedicated to producing quality Country Magic products that will be part of our customer’s healthy lifestyle.

Blueberry U-Pick open seasonally.

Please call or visit website for hours of operation.

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