Good Robot Brewing Co.

Photo of the logo for Good Robot - Showing a black coloured robot with the words Good Robot Brewing Co showing in yellow

Welcome to Good Robot, a brewery, brewpub, bar, and beer garden run by a pack of misfits with two locations: the North End of Halifax (brewpub + beer garden) and Elmsdale (brewery + beer garden). Our beverages are known to be eclectic, eccentric, and untrue to style, fraught with foraged materials, impulse decisions, and whimsy.

Our GastroTurfs (beer gardens featuring AstroTurf at both Robie St. and Elmsdale) bring all the flavours of summer to the familiar comfort of a putting green. Year-round, we host oddball events, brew with the community, sponsor festivals, facilitate charitable incentives, and make questionable marketing decisions. Want to sit your bum somewhere and let your freak flag fly? Well, matey, set sail for Halifax’s most questionable brewing experience.

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