Producer of the Year: Boxing Rock Brewing Company

A photo of Boxing Rock's founding partners, Emily Cowin and Henry Pedro. They are standing in the brewery in front of silver brewing tanks.


This award recognizes a Taste of Nova Scotia producer member for their demonstration of all around high quality and value within their designated business sector. From management skills to quality control, recipients of this award prove themselves to be a leader in the production of exceptional local products.

In the case of this year’s recipients, their beer is legendary – and their people are too. Boxing Rock Brewing Company values quality and customer experience above all else, and pride themselves on creating a work environment where integrity, community and respect come first.

Since starting in 2012, they have grown their business by 400%, have had a number of expansions and have remained committed to their community in Shelburne, and Nova Scotia as a whole.

Please join us in congratulating the 2022 Producer of the Year recipient, Boxing Rock Brewing Company.

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