Recipe Round Up: Maple

Maple season has arrived! Though it’s still a bit chilly outside, we can’t wait to tap some trees, get the maple syrup flowing, and enjoy it with any dish we possibly can. To celebrate, we’ve picked six of our favourite maple recipes for you to enjoy. We have a yummy brunch, fresh pizza, delicious root vegetables, sweet ice cream, and more. Get ready to enjoy the maple season with these great recipes.

1. Maple Bacon Crêpe

Maple Bacon Crêpes for Sunday brunch immediately comes to mind when thinking about maple! With maple sausage and bacon, sunny-side up eggs and roasted potatoes we’re pretty sure this is the perfect breakfast. Drizzle with Nova Scotia maple syrup and you’ll have a new brunch tradition!

2. Maple Miso Glaze for Pork Belly

Maple Miso Glazed Pork Bell

This amazing Maple Miso Glaze for Pork Belly from Seasons by Atlantica skillfully balances the sweetness of the maple syrup and miso using white wine vinegar. Make sure to add golden caramelized shiitake and Brussels sprouts then finish off the sauce by seasoning with salt and pepper. Drizzle sauce over sliced slow-roasted local pork belly and serve.

3. Peach & Prosciutto Pizza with Maple Rosemary Aioli

Peach & Prosciutto Pizza - Morris East

Morris East’s brand of fresh, inspirational food and drink includes lots of local ingredients. This isn’t your typical pizza restaurant and this isn’t your typical pizza recipe. This Prosciutto Pizza makes use of great local products such as fresh valley peaches and Nova Scotia maple syrup. Try the recipe for yourself or visit one of the three Morris East locations to try their version fresh out of a wood-fired oven.

4. Maple-Roasted Root Vegetables

Governor’s Pub & Eatery knows that roasting vegetables in the oven brings out the natural sweetness in them and adding maple syrup while they cook makes them that much sweeter! This Maple-Roasted Root Vegetables recipe is made up of vegetables that are a favorite fall and winter comfort food AND will leave your kitchen smelling incredible.

5. No-Churn Maple Apple Ice Cream

Pie and Icecream

Maple treats more your thing? The No-Churn Maple Apple Ice Cream is a sweet combination of cinnamon, maple and apple that makes a delightful chilled topping for desserts. A great addition to hot turnovers, pie, crisps, crumbles and even pancakes.

6. Apple, Maple & Mustard Caramelized Ham

Appl Maple Mustard Ham

Meadowbrook Meat Market is “Home of the Jimmie Lamb Ham”. Choose from their fully cooked boneless hams (either natural wood smoked, maple ham) or a ham that requires roasting (old-fashioned ham or picnic ham). The Apple, Maple & Mustard Caramelized Ham can be served with local in season vegetables such as roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus. Perfect to eat as leftovers.

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