Nova Scotia Surprise

photo of: Nova Scotia Surprise by Catherine Sweeney

#NSJoyride Cocktail Competition (1 of 5)
#1: Catherine Sweeney – Traveling with Sweeney

This recipe was inspired by the many surprises I found in Nova Scotia, including the fine wine and spirits produced here (in this case, Blomidon Estate Winery and Ironworks Distillery).

I was also surprised by the wonderful blueberries grown in the province and the number of creative dishes and products that incorporate them. Van Dyk’s Wild Blueberry Juice is purely delicious and a first of its kind for me. I was also inspired to choose fresh mint as a garnish after tasting a Boozy Pop with mint at Tangled Garden. The fresh blueberry that bobs around in the flute before settling at the bottom is a bit of a surprise for the cocktail drinker, too.


1 oz Ironworks Apple Brandy
.5 oz Van Dyk’s 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice
4 – 5 oz Dry or Off-Dry Sparkling Wine (Blomidon Estate‘s Crémant was used in competition)
1 Fresh Blueberry
1 Fresh Mint Sprig


  1. Mix brandy and blueberry juice and pour into a champagne flute
  2. Add sparkling wine
  3. Drop in fresh blueberry
  4. Top with sprig of mint
  5. Suggest sipping through a straw as mint slides into the flute

Recipe provided by: Catherine Sweeney, Traveling With Sweeney, as part of the #NSJoyRide Nova Scotia Cocktail Competition

NOTE: We will be featuring all five of the cocktails created by the #NSJoyRide participants over the summer – keep checking back for more recipes and to let us know your favourites! #visitnovascotia

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