2010 Seaport BeerFest

food1This year Taste members Fid Resto, Scanway Catering, Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie as well as Saege Bistro will be at the Seaport BeerFest serving delicious local food to pair with the over 150 international beers and ciders on tap.

Marinated slow cooked Pork Blocks $4
Mini F Burger $4

Chicken Taco $4
Lobster Avocado Taco $4
Pork and Apple Sausage $4
Curry Beef Sausage $4

6 pieces of sushi $4
Bowl of fresh Indian Point mussels $4

For more information on BeerFest, the Ladies VIP Brew Tour and the Brussels BeerFest Dinner visit the Seaport BeerFest Website.

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