All Canadian Wine Championships 2024

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We would like to raise a glass and extend huge congratulations to all of our extremely deserving members who were honoured recently at the 2024 All Canadian Wine Championships! These awards are open to wineries the across Canada and recognizes them for their tireless work producing exceptional wines.

This year 995 wines were entered by 173 participating wineries into approximately 50 categories, meaning the competition was stiff, making these awards even more impressive! Cheers to all the recipients and all the wineries who entered!

a hand holds a bottle of Grand Pre Tidal Bay in front of the ocean

Photo Credit: Domaine de Grand Pré

Domaine de Grand Pré

Domaine de Grand Pré received accolades for three wines – an impressive feat against the 178 other wineries entered! Proudly representing Nova Scotia, their 2023 Tidal Bay collected bronze in the White Hybrid Blend category and they received another bronze for their Brut Rosé in the Sparkling Wine Traditional Method class.

Of particularly special note, they also come out at the top of their class in a perhaps unexpected category; cider! Their Vintage Sparkling Cider earned a double gold trophy for cider, and won Cider of the Year!

A person holding a wine bottle in a vineyard.

Photo Credit: Planters Ridge

Planters Ridge Winery

Out of the almost 1,000 wines entered, Port Williams’ Planters Ridge managed to secure two golds! Their 2022 SEK cinched a double gold in the Sparkling White Wine Frizzante Method category, with their second gold being awarded to their 2022 L’Acadie for being a top Single White Hybrid wine!

Photo Credit: LÜVO

Jost Vineyards

Jost Vineyards collected three awards this season, two for their LÜVO line! Jost cleaned up in the Red Hybrid Blend category with the LÜVO Simply Red being awarded a double gold for its full berry aromatics, while Jost’s Founder’s Red recieved bronze in the same category with its complex notes of blackberry, red cherry, plum and violets.

In the Sparkling Wine – Frizzante Method category they received another gold, this time for their bubbly refreshing LÜVO Sparkling White. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Doucette Photography/East Coast Food Stories

Gaspereau Vineyards

Gaspereau Vineyards was the recipient of two golds this awards season! Their refreshing 2023 Riesling collected in the Riesling Off Dry category,  while their bright mineral-driven 2022 Rosé received a double gold honor in the Rosé Off Dry category.

Photo Credit: Jessica Emin/@eatwithjessie

Mercator Vineyards

Mercator Vineyards collected two impressive accolades from the 2024 awards! Their classic Provence-style Compass Rosé earned a bronze in the Rosé Off Dry category and their complex, fresh Reserve Marquette was also awarded a bronze in the Appassimento Style class.

Photo Credit: Black Cat Mead

Dr. Kombu Brewing Company

One of Dr. Kombu‘s newest products, Black Cat Mead, was honoured with the Mead – Session Double Gold. Made with local honey, Black Cat Original is the mead you didn’t know you needed. It’s fair to say that Dr. Kombu’s new mead line has been a success and this honour was well deserved!

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Awards Round-Up

Best Cider Of The Year & Cider Double Gold Trophy: Domaine de Grand Pré N/V Vintage Sparkling Cider 

Sparkling Wine – Traditional Method Bronze: Domaine de Grand Pré N/V Brut Rosé   

Sparkling Wine – Frizzante Method Double Gold: Planter’s Rdige 2022 SEK

Sparkling Wine – Frizzante Method Gold:  LÜVO Sparkling White

White Hybrid Blend Bronze: Domaine de Grand Pré 2023 Tidal Bay

Single White Hybrid Gold: Planter’s Ridge 2022 L’Acadie

Riesling Off Dry Gold: Gaspereau 2023 Riesling

Rosé Off Dry Double Gold: Gaspereau 2022 Rosé

Rosé Off Dry Bronze: Mercator 2023 Compass Rosé

Appassimento Style Bronze: Mercator Reserve Marquette

Red Hybrid Blend Double Gold: LÜVO Simply Red

Red Hybrid Blend Bronze: Jost Founders’ Red

Mead – Session Double Gold: Black Cat Mead

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