Guide to Get Your Hands on Local at Walmart

Looking for a guide to purchase local products? Our Guide to Get Your Hands on Local at Walmart will make it easy for you to get your hands on as many Taste of Nova Scotia identified products as possible on your next trip to Walmart.

Look for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo where you eat, drink and shop to easily find products that are harvested, grown, and produced right here in Nova Scotia! From our land. From our sea. From our hands. There are SO many ways to Get Your HANDS on local!


Scotian Gold Apple

In Nova Scotia, you can find an abundance of freshly harvested produce available all year long. At Walmart, you’ll find a selection of fruit and vegetables to enjoy.

Agri Growers: Agri-Growers harvests mixed fresh vegetables and fruits out of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Find their yellow onions, white potatoes and red potatoes on the produce shelves at Walmart locations.

Country Magic: Country Magic’s primary crops include highbush blueberries, onions, potatoes, strawberries and blackberries that are all available at Walmart (during their appropriate season) to ensure you get a taste of Nova Scotian fresh produce.

Scotian Gold: Scotian Gold is located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley. They specialize in premium apples such as Honeycrisp, SweeTango and Ambrosia, which are all available in the produce department at Walmart locations in Nova Scotia.


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