How to Plan a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Some might say Valentine’s Day is the epitome of cheesiness: stuffed bears holding heart-shaped pillows and bouquets of flowers and chocolates line the shelves of every store. No matter what people say, I think even the most cynical of folks end up celebrating the day of love in some way.

If you’re looking for sweet ways to make a certain someone feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, here are five Taste-ful, local suggestions for a romantic rendezvous:

1. Have a Picnic
No, not in the snow – at home on the floor of your living room of course! Surrounded by candles, some nice music and lots of cozy blankets, you’re sure to worm your way into anyone’s heart.

Known for their world-class catering menus, out of this world wedding cakes, and Uni’s famous Florentines, Scanway Catering & Pastry Shop also makes a mean take-home basket filled with gourmet goodies. You can choose from a variety of options like the Scanway Picnic or the Parisienne. They even offer a Valentine’s Day take home dinner so you can impress your special someone with a gourmet meal.

2. Take a Trip to Sugar Moon Farm
Forego the candles and wine (for now), get out of the house and see if your special someone has an adventurous side.

A trip to Sugar Moon Farm will satisfy both your need to be active and your sweet tooth. As the trail-head for the Rogart Mountain Hiking Trail, you’ll find access to snow laden paths for snowshoeing, long walks, dog sledding or chasing your lover down the lane. When you’re done admiring the landscape, be sure to stop in at the log pancake house for a delicious maple-inspired brunch. This romantic adventure is sure to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart, or at  the very least – their belly.

3. Dine Out
Enjoy a romantic evening at any Taste of Nova Scotia restaurant.

Stories at The Halliburton is one of my favourite places. Quite likely one of the cosiest and most elegant spots in Halifax, this restaurant offers romantic ambiance and high-class cuisine. I’m quite convinced that if your date isn’t already head over heels in love, the restaurant will do the rest for you.

Ask if you can get a seat by the fireplace – it’s so darn romantic your date will be eating foie gras out of your hand. If you want to top that, book a room for an overnight stay at The Halliburton and he/she will be scheming ways to get you to marry them.

4. Glamping
Too cold for you to go out? Try glamping. That’s right – glamourous camping!

Hubby and I have done this before and it’s so much fun. Throw blankets over everything and snuggle up in your sleeping bag. Light up the fireplace and it’s practically like being at a campground – without the need for bug spray and sleeping with one eye open for fear of bear attacks.

This is oh so much fun, especially when you add in grown-up treats like S’mores and caramel clouds, or truffles from the Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop, Sugah! or Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie. Combine your chocolate feast with a glass (or bottle!!) of Nova Scotia wine and you’ve got yourself a pretty stellar, and oh so romantic, “glamping” experience.

5. Oysters
Last but not least, a feast on oysters from Sober Island or Eel Lake Oyster Farm is a pretty romantic way to spend an evening.

Put on your best dress or suit, turn the lights down low, and shuck, slurp, drink and repeat. Enhanced with lemon, tabasco sauce, horseradish, or even without the aforementioned accoutrements, oysters are deliciously nutritious, and an excellent source of vitamins. Combined with a glass of Nova Scotia bubbly, you’ve got yourself quite possibly one of the most romantic things you can eat at home. Oh, and did I mention oysters are an aphrodisiac?

So there you have it. Five locally-inspired, not so cheesy, ways to wrap that special someone around your finger. Good luck romancing – and enjoy the day of love!

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