Shivani’s Kitchen

A photo of the logo for Shivani's Kitchen. The words Shivani's Kitchen appear in the middle of a circle, coloured in red and brown. The name Shivani's appears in yellow font, while Kitchen is in a white font. There is a white decorative piece above the word Shivani's.

Photo of Shivani Dhamija, owner of Shivani's Kitchen, standing alone in a kitchen. She is smiling and wearing a black chef's jacket.

Indulge in the rich, authentic flavours of India with Shivani’s Kitchen. Rooted in a generations-old family recipe, our spice blends and ready-to-use sauces transform your kitchen into a haven for delicious creations, featuring classics like butter chicken, curry, channa masala and our latest star – paneer!  

As a newcomer in the convenience meals market, Shivani’s Kitchen proudly sources local ingredients from Nova Scotia to craft these ethnic delights. Every dish is a celebration of the diverse and aromatic flavours of India, bringing convenience without compromising authenticity.  

Explore the exquisite taste of India at your nearest retailer, across Atlantic Canada, or visit  

Ask your store manager to bring Shivani’s Kitchen if you are craving Indian food now! From Shivani’s family to yours, savour the fusion of tradition and convenience. 

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