Shivani’s Kitchen

A photo of the logo for Shivani's Kitchen. The words Shivani's Kitchen appear in the middle of a circle, coloured in red and brown. The name Shivani's appears in yellow font, while Kitchen is in a white font. There is a white decorative piece above the word Shivani's.

Photo of Shivani Dhamija, owner of Shivani's Kitchen, standing alone in a kitchen. She is smiling and wearing a black chef's jacket.Shivani’s Kitchen makes it easy for you to experience the bold, authentic flavors of India.  Using a generations old family recipe, our Spice Blends and Ready to Use Sauces help you create delicious dishes like Butter Chicken, Curry, and Tikka. 

We hand-craft and blend our spices in Nova Scotia, with no gluten and no salt.  We only use fresh ingredients from our local farmers for our sauces, from the tempting creamy butter chicken to our spicy tikka sauce with vegetarian/vegan/dairy-free choices. 

Every dish you create celebrates the flavors of India.  Experience the sweetness, spiciness and savory tastes that are delighting food lovers. 

Craving inspiration? Find our products on the shelves at Sobeys, retail stores, restaurants and cafes across Nova Scotia, and in our online shop. If you are a food lover, restaurant, café or grocery store we would love to hear from you!

From Shivani’s family to yours…

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