Shivani’s Kitchen

A photo of the logo for Shivani's Kitchen. The words Shivani's Kitchen appear in the middle of a circle, coloured in red and brown. The name Shivani's appears in yellow font, while Kitchen is in a white font. There is a white decorative piece above the word Shivani's.

Photo of Shivani Dhamija, owner of Shivani's Kitchen, standing alone in a kitchen. She is smiling and wearing a black chef's jacket.

Shivani’s Kitchen makes it easy to experience the bold, authentic flavours of India. Using a generations old family recipe, our spice blends and ready-to-use sauces help create dishes like butter chicken, curry, and tikka.

We blend our spices in Nova Scotia, without gluten and salt. For a quick, and easy meal, look no further – try our ready-to-use sauces. They feature ingredients from local farmers, from the creamy butter chicken to our savoury curry and spicy tikka sauces with vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free choices. Every dish celebrates the flavours of India.

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From Shivani’s family to yours…

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