Long Weekend Levelled Up BBQ

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The Canada Day long weekend calls for a BBQ celebration! Level up your grill festivities with some fantastic products, recipes, and tips for the ultimate outdoor event.

Photo Credit: Church Brewing Co.

The Church Brewing Co.

The Church Brewing Company has more than just good brews and delicious dishes, they sell sauces too! Check out their Porter BBQ sauce for your next grill session and for your side salad bring out the Buttermilk Ranch.

Learn more: Signature Sauces

big cove foods spices

Photo Credit: Big Cove Foods

Big Cove Foods

Spice things up! Whether you’re looking for spicy, savoury or sweet, Big Cove Foods has a wide selection of spices available to enhance whatever you got over the coles. We recommend checking out their Mad BBQ Skills pack to become the ultimate grill master! From rubs, to butter additions for that mouth watering corn on the cob, Big Cove has it all.

More information: Big Cove Foods spices

Photo Credit: Hope Blooms

Hope Blooms

Did you know? The delicious herb dressings from Hope Blooms can double as equally tantalizing marinades! Their Fresh Greek Herb Dressing makes an amazing marinade for souvlaki, while their Maple Sage Balsamic Dressing works beautifully as a marinade for chicken, fish, or pork. Roasting vegetables? Try their Fresh Basil Pesto!

More information: Hope Blooms Fresh Herb Dressings

Picture of Surf and Turf Burger

Photo Credit: Jess Emin/@eatwithjessie

Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre

Satisfy your cravings for seafood and a burger with the Surf & Turf Burger! Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre shared this delicious shrimp and pork stomach pleaser that is perfect for a Maritime Canada Day celebration.

Recipe: Surf & Turf Burger


Photo Credit: Propeller Brewing Co.

Propeller Brewing Company

Ever thought about using root beer to cook? Well you should! Try these delicious Root Beer Pulled Pork Sliders made with Propeller Brewing Company’s Root Beer. Seasoned to perfection these are a great alternative to regular burgers.

Recipe: Instagram

Photo Credit: Michelle Doucette Photography/East Coast Food Stories

Salt Shaker Deli

Salt Shaker Deli and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture have a recipe for the perfect burger, specifically this Nova Scotian Grass Fed Beef Burgers paired with a Cucumber Salad! This beef patty tower of juicy goodness and the fresh and creamy side salad is a crowd pleaser.

Recipes: Grass Fed Beef Burger, Cucumber Salad

Photo Credit: Michelle Doucette Photography/East Coast Food Stories

Comeau’s Seafoods Ltd. & La Cuisine Robicheau

Elevate your appetizer game with Comeau’s Tide Slide from Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd. & La Cuisine Robicheau. Perfect for a summer BBQ or a cozy night in, each bite offers a harmonious balance of flavours that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Recipe: Comeau’s Tide Slide

Photo Credit: Shivani’s Kitchen

Shivani’s Kitchen

Got a vegetarian in the family or friend group that needs more protein then the side salad can offer? Impress everyone with this tasty meat alternative, kabobs. These Paneer Tikka Skewers with Tandoori Masala and Bell Peppers can be made on the oven or grill for that extra smoky taste.

Recipe: Paneer Tikka Skewers

Photo Credit: Jess Emin/@eatwithjessie

Apple Slaw

A perfect final topping on a pulled pork sandwich or paired with a fish dish, this Apple Slaw recipe is a great sweet and fresh final touch or side dish. Completely vegetarian friendly, this funky slaw will get people talking!

Recipe: Apple Slaw

More Backyard BBQ Recipes:

Grilled Beef Burgers with Galloping Cows Wild Blueberry Pepper Jelly: Ever considered jam on your burger? You should.

Lunenburg Sea-sar: Celebrate Canada Day with the famously Canadian caesar!

Old Fashioned Grilled Lobster Roll: Make it a real Maritime meal with lobster rolls.

Willy Krauch Smoked Salmon Dip: Every BBQ needs appetizers while the grill is being fired up!

Apple BBQ Pulled Pork: Pulled pork sandwiches pair perfectly with apple slaw for a mouthwatering taste in every bite.

Strawberries in Puff Pastry: A summer feast wouldn’t be complete without the sweet taste of local strawberries!

Photo of: Barbecuer

 Better Your BBQ!

Upgrade your grill habits with these tips for the best BBQ season yet!

  1. Buy local: Local food is both fresh and tasty, not to mention you know exactly where it’s coming from. Invest in locally sourced, free-range cuts of meat and you’ll never want it any other way!
  2. Preheat the BBQ and perfect the temperature: In order to maintain flavour, and ensure your meat is cooked all the way through, purchase a digital meat thermometer. Gone are the days of overcooked meat!
  3. Add some zing with sauces, marinades, rubs, spices, and salts: Allow meat to marinate throughout the day (or overnight) and throw it on the grill with some veggies for a quick and easy dinner
  4. Heat It Up: “Always pre-heat your grill. Pre-heating to a high temperature will burn off any left-overs and prepare the BBQ for your meal.” – Chef Chris Velden, The Flying Apron Inn & Cookery.
  5. Smoking the meat: Intimidated by the idea of smoking your meat? Don’t be! David Wall from The Pork Shop says it’s as easy as adding soaked hardwood chips to the grill.
  6. Switch things up, add something new: “Barbecue breakfast! No one ever thinks about grilling eggs, bacon and hash browns on the barbecue. All you need is a griddle for the top of your grill and off you go.” – Chef Andy Camm, Harbour City Bar & Grill
  7. Throw some seafood in the mix: What’s a Maritime BBQ without grilled seafood? From lobster to scallops, plank salmon to shrimp, and everything in between, throw your seafood on the barbie for a different take on these beloved foods!

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