8 Tips For Your Best BBQ

Summer is quickly approaching, and you know what that means? BBQ season! In case you’re looking to level-up your grilling game this year, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips from local producers and chefs.

Tip 1: Buy Local

Choosing quality sources of meat can make all the difference. Local food is both fresh and tasty, not to mention you know exactly where it’s coming from. Invest in locally sourced, free-range cuts of meat and you’ll never want it any other way!

For more information on where to purchase local meat and seafood visit www.tasteofnovascotia.com/getyourhandsonlocal.

Tip 2: Temperature

Maple Blueberry Pork Roast

In order to maintain flavour, and ensure your meat is cooked all the way through Margie Lamb, from Meadowbrook Meat Market, suggests purchasing a digital meat thermometer. Gone are the days of overcooked meat!

Tip 3: Add zing with marinades, rubs, spices and salts

A marinade can add delicious flavours to grill favourites like meat, fish and veggies. Allow meat to marinate throughout the day (or overnight) and throw it on the grill with some veggies for a quick and easy dinner, perfect for the busiest of people! To add a bit of local, we suggest Big Cove Foods, Tidal Salt, or Cochrane Family Farm.

Tip 4: Heat it Up

Pork shop barbecue photo

“Always pre-heat your grill. Pre-heating to a high temperature will burn off any left-overs and prepare the BBQ for your meal.” – Chef Chris Velden, The Flying Apron Inn & Cookery.

Chris also suggests using indirect heat. This means allowing the BBQ to pre-heat, then turning the burner directly under the food off. The remaining heat from other burners will cook your meal to perfection!

Tip 5: Smoking

Photo of: Barbecuer

Intimidated by the idea of smoking your meat? Don’t be! David Wall from The Pork Shop says it’s as easy as adding soaked hardwood chips to the grill. This tip will allow you to achieve the perfect smoked meat flavour. We’re willing to bet you’ll be reaching for seconds!

Tip 6: Switch Things Up!

Photo of: Rosemary Potatoes Photo by Jeff Cusick

“Barbecue breakfast! No one ever thinks about grilling eggs, bacon and hash browns on the barbecue. All you need is a griddle for the top of your grill and off you go. Bacon becomes crisp and smoky tasting, and toast can be done on the heating shelf at the top.” –  Chef Andy Camm, Harbour City Bar and Grill

Andy suggests celebrating warm summer mornings on the patio with a breakfast of grilled eggs, bacon, and this recipe for rosemary potatoes.

Tip 7: Add sauce

If you’re really looking to impress this summer, why not try making your own BBQ sauce? Look for local ingredients to experiment with until you find the perfect combination! For a quicker, (but just as delicious) option, try a local, ready-to-use pre-made sauce. If you’re into spice, we suggest adding a little Mad Gringo Hot Sauce. 

Tip 8: Throw some seafood on the barbie

What’s a Maritime BBQ without grilled seafood? In Nova Scotia we’re lucky to have access to fresh, local seafood, let’s take advantage! The best part is: seafood is incredibly easy to cook, with no need for special instruments or tools. This Surf & Turf Burger from Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre features meat and seafood together in one recipe for the ultimate burger experience. The original recipe calls for a skillet – try it on the BBQ this summer to enhance the flavours.

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