Mocha Moonshine Milkshake

We’ve got the perfect boozy-dessert for you ice cream lovers! This Mocha Moonshine Milkshake is basically adult ice-cream so skip your single-scoop vanilla and replace your after dinner treat with one of these.


2 oz. Still Fired Distilleries Vanilla Bean Vodka
4 oz. Still Fired Distilleries Night Owl Coffee Moonshine
2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
garnish (optional) whipped cream, fresh mint, fresh ground vanilla bean


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until well mixed.
  2. Pour contents of blender into two tall glasses.
  3. Top each milkshake with whipped cream, and garnish with fresh mint and vanilla bean.
  4. Enjoy!

Local Source Guide

Vodka: Still Fired Distilleries
Ice Cream: Fox Hill Cheese House, Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie or Sugah! Confectionery & Ice Cream Emporium

Recipe provided by: Still Fired Distilleries

This recipe is featured in our 2018 Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Guide. 

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