Recipe Round-Up: Holiday Hits

Photo of: Mulled wine, Avondale Sky

The holiday season and frenzy of dinners, parties and baking has crept up on us all. If your standard holiday recipes just aren’t doing it for you this year, don’t fret. We’ve picked our top five favourite holiday recipes to inspire your culinary appetite. Read along for tasty appetizers, festive cocktails, filling scones, homemade cranberry sauce, and wine-braised chicken as an alternative for Christmas dinner. Happy Holidays!

1. Mistletoe Martini

Photo of: Mistletoe Martini

This festive, fun and easy to make Mistletoe Martini will make you the hit of all your holiday parties. Made with Coldstream Clear Holiday Candy Cane liqueur and crushed candy cane pieces as a garnish, you can’t go wrong. See you under the mistletoe.

2. Smoked Salmon Tartare


If you’re planning on making this Smoked Salmon Tartare for your next dinner party make sure you grab one to eat before they’re all gone. This quick and easy appetizer features J. Willy Krauch smoked salmon and is notoriously delicious.

3. Homestyle Cranberry Sauce

photo of: cranberry sauce

A staple at many holiday dinners, all you need for this Cranberry Sauce is Terra Beata cranberries and twenty minutes. A versatile recipe, you can stick to classic cranberry sauce, or add orange peel, cinnamon or local maple syrup for a twist.

4. Masstown Market Cranberry Orange Scones

With all the dinners and parties throughout the holiday season it’s easy to forget about breakfast. This Nova Scotia Cranberry Orange Scone from Masstown Market pairs the tartness of cranberries and the zing of orange for the perfect combination of flavours.

5.Wine-Braised Chicken Stew

Photo of Wine Braised Chicken Stew

If you’re feeling bored with your traditional turkey dinner try mixing things up with this Wine-Braised Chicken Stew from Brooklyn Warehouse Chef Stephanie Ogilvie. Not only is it delicious, but it does all the work for you. Throw together veggies, spices, and your favourite Nova Scotia red wine and you’re on your to a stress free Christmas dinner.

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